Best Coil Tattoo Machine Review Guide – 2022

The first coil tattoo machines were developed in 1891 by Thomas Riley of London and were patented only days after the first rotary machines were created.  Traditional coil tattoo machines were made from a modified doorbell assembled in a brass box.  As you can imagine, these historic devices were quite heavy.  Modern coil tattoo machines … Read more

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Review

There are quite a few different types of tattoo machines available on the market today.  If you are serious about becoming a tattoo artist then checking out the different types will be well worth your efforts because it might just guide you to a machine that takes your tattoo skills to the next level without all the … Read more

5 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Guide of 2022

Rotary tattoo machines have had some incredible advancements over recent years. Many experienced tattoo artists believe that the rotary tattoo machine is one of the easiest machines to operate and learn. This is because they are quick, don’t vibrate as much as other types of machines, and the motor doesn’t sound like a swarm of … Read more